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Inspiration of the moment

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Pauline Tribou
Artist in Paris

Discover the artistic universe of Pauline Tribou, a passionate painter based in Paris.
Daughter and granddaughter of artists, Pauline Tribou has been exhibiting since 2015. She founded her personal workshop 5 years ago in an exceptional location in the heart of Paris, in the 15th arrondissement.
In 2023, Pauline Tribou is the artist who was chosen in Japan to mark the handover between the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paris Olympic Games. His work “ Olympic Heartbeat ”, inaugurated at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, is now part of the permanent exhibition of the prestigious French Embassy in Japan.

Pauline Tribou painter

Pauline Tribou's abstract or figurative paintings captivate with their expressiveness and beauty. Each work is the result of a unique inspiration, mixing bright colors and subtle textures.
Let yourself be carried away by the emotion and creativity that emerge from his paintings. Immerse yourself in an artistic world where imagination comes to life and every brushstroke tells a story.

A word from the artist

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« J’ai un rêve, pour lequel je travaille de toutes mes forces. Je voudrais ré-enchanter le monde intérieur du spectateur. Que chacun puisse créer son propre voyage en faisant résonner l’oeuvre avec son univers intérieur. Que, à l’heure où les écrans nous submergent en imposant rêves, histoires et dogmes, le spectateur prenne le contrôle pour se laisser rêver et voyager en lui-même. Je voudrais offrir mon travail et mon talent pour que chacun puisse se reconnecter à soi-même, avec des oeuvres qui proposent sans imposer ; qui se créent grâce à l’interaction avec soi, avec l’autre. »
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Pauline Tribou's artistic universe is inspired by the rich experience of her personal curriculum: engineer in high-technology submarines, aerobatic pilot,... her career has largely inspired her graphic work, centered on the sky and the sea , and today expanded with numerous paintings on nature, the human body and the abstract, giving birth to a unique style.
Pauline Tribou masters the techniques of oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, drawing and digital painting.
Explore the online gallery and find the piece that will brighten up your interior.

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