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Introducing the "ça plane !" Print, an original artwork by Pauline Tribou. Inspired by the majestic flight of the Northern Gannet, also known as the "Fou de Bassan", this piece captures the essence of the bird's connection to the sea and sky. As an artist who spent years living on the French coasts of Brittany and Normandy, Pauline Tribou was deeply moved by the beauty of this magnificent seabird's graceful flight. This original oeuvre is a tribute to the most majestic bird of the sea and a perfect addition to your art collection.Add this stunning print to your collection and bring the magic of the ocean into your home.

CA PLANE ! - Print

160,00 €Prix
  • Tirage sur aluminium Dibond, signé à la main par l'artiste, édition numérotée, et authentifiée par un certificat d'origine et un hologramme

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